>hippo birdy two ewes

>David turns the big 3-0 today and it was duly celebrated with his friends this afternoon over two cakes and nibblies
Here he is: blowing out the candle watched intently by his mate Charles who knew cake was in his immediate future
Mind you his b’day celebrations started with a pizza dinner last Thursday night at his social group, continued with Nadie on the weekend, then #1 son Stephen stayed over on Tuesday night so we took the opportunity to continue the celebrations with a pub dinner and finally [ maybe ] the afternoon tea today.
Even though Nadie is my youngest, David is, in many ways, the baby of the family so it feels rather strange that he has hit this major milestone.
I will admit to feeling a bit sad this morning … was going to write nostalgic but no … sad is the operative word … remembering his 21st birthday party which was held not long before his father passed away, but I don’t think Dave is aware of such things and he has had a very happy day/week from all accounts.


16 thoughts on “>hippo birdy two ewes

  1. >Give David a big kiss from me…sorry we couldn’t be there to help celebrate.

  2. catsmum says:

    >Okay – will do Maz !

  3. Donna Lee says:

    >My oldest child will be 25 on Saturday. I don’t know how she achieved this because I, her mother, am not old enough to have a child that old!Happy, happy birthday to David. And to you.

  4. Robbyn says:

    >Happy BirthDay David! And God bless you Susan 🙂

  5. Mia says:

    >Mmmmm.. what’s the filling in that cake?

  6. catsmum says:

    >whipped cream and strawberry jam I do believe !

  7. Alwen says:

    >Two cakes? Yum! Riches!

  8. Tara says:

    >Happy Birthday David!!

  9. April says:

    >Happy Birthday, David! May you have an especially wonderful year!

  10. >Please wish David a happy, happy birthday from Meow.Hope he had a fabulous day.Hope all is well in your worldTake care, Meow

  11. TinkingBell says:

    >Happy Birthday David!Sorry i haven’t dropped in to say hello for a while – looking forward to seeing you down this way next month!CheersCeri

  12. Nadie says:

    >HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!Hope you had a great day, looks like you did. Did you save one of those beers Chris gave you for the actual day?

  13. catsmum says:

    >yes Nadie, he did and he has one left for the weekend plus all the ones that Nonna sent :]

  14. >Happy Birthday, David! (a bit late…) It sounds like a good one. Any birthday that included both cake and pizza is a good one in my book!And hugs to the mom of the b-day boy. I know that some of these milestones can be tough. They bring up so many memories but you still have to put on a happy face for the occasion. Hope things are starting to feel a bit better for you.

  15. Lynne says:

    >Happy birthday to David.

  16. Tanya Brown says:

    >Here’s a belated happy birthday to your young man. That looks like a yummy cake!

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