>Ahoy maties! Shiver Me Timbers!


Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day – why I knows not but who be I to naysay? Arrrrgh!

where be me bloody parrot?


4 thoughts on “>Ahoy maties! Shiver Me Timbers!

  1. Frou says:

    >Returned to the land of the susan in stitches in time to check out the eyecandy! Isn’t he gorgeous.Have new blog – well actually have two – one quilty and one my usual waffle.

  2. catsmum says:

    >well I for one am glad to have you back Ms FF.Just popped over and checked out both of the new blogs and I’m pinching the book meme tout suite.

  3. >I completely forgot to talk like a pirate on the designated day. And now I’ve forgotten how to do so because I’m all distracted by the beauty that is Depp…

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