>Look what my boy made!

>David has been busy making ‘pots’ in ceramic class

this one has three holes near the rim so I’m assuming it’s meant to be a bird feeder. The outside is brown and the inside – which no one will see if I string it up – is this glorious deep cherry red. Shall have to think on that one a while. One can never have too many bird feeders but … hey … maybe I could hang it low enough to see inside!

this purple one will be going to Nadie. It’s a bit wobbly on the bottom but somehow I don’t think she’s going to mind.

and then there is another larger one in a sort of khaki colour. It’s promised to Stephen.
and Nonna hasn’t been forgotten either. There’s a … mmmm … spoon rest/ashtray/pin dish/thingie for her. She’ll love it, whatever it is, just because David made it.

These pots are less ‘primitive’ looking than the ones that he did earlier in the year, and in a way I suppose that I prefer the earlier rough and rustic efforts, but I’m going to treasure my new feeder
I’m pretty proud of him
Bear wants you to know that he’s proud too [ totally gratuitous cute animal photo ]


7 thoughts on “>Look what my boy made!

  1. Bells says:

    >i LOVE the bowls. Really love the red one. Well done David!

  2. Tara says:

    >Oooooh I love that red one! I can totally see that inside, full of yarn 🙂 Beautiful display! And if you thread the yarn through the holes near the rim, then you can knit straight from the bowl and should feed out really smooth!If only you could mount it on the wall displaying the inside to everyone!

  3. >I think David did a marvelous job! I tried some pottery with some of my students a few years ago and produced nothing quite so fine looking. Pottery is hard! I’m most impressed.

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    >He has a good design sense, doesn’t he?

  5. Rose Red says:

    >I LOVE the red interior of the first bowl – such a gorgeous colour. The other two are fab colorus as well, but that red – oh my!

  6. Taueret says:

    >nice work, too beautiful to fill with anything.

  7. Alwen says:

    >They are all nice, but I’m partial to the purple one, myself. That is a glorious red, though.

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