>whatcha found Mr Bear?

what have you found little buddy?

brown and scaly
erkkk! – get outta there RIGHT NOW

oh, okay it’s got legs

it was one of the Bobs* this time but if one kind of reptile has woken up presumably so have all the others … the ones that don’t have legs … so I’m going to have to watch Bear because he knows no fear

Bear is still making loud and pointed remarks – through the screen door – about rotten bloody lizards having the temerity to trespass on his turf.

Some cheese may be in order. Bear is of the opinion that a good piece of Colby is very soothing to injured pride.

* Shingleback or Bob Tailed Lizards


5 thoughts on “>whatcha found Mr Bear?

  1. Alwen says:

    >Oh, dear, and get the poisonous kind there. Be careful, little Bear!Ajax is lucky poisonous snakes are rare here, but that didn’t stop him from snapping up a wasp or two as a pup, ouch.

  2. Alwen says:

    >?? I could swear I typed “you get” just now!

  3. April says:

    >Ummm .. ICK!!! I don’t like lizards that look like snakes. I’m more of a chameleon girl myself.

  4. >Oh that Bear! I’m glad he’s out there protecting you from the Very Scary Lizards and whatnot. He should definitely get some nice cheese for all his efforts.Such a brave boy…

  5. Nadie says:

    >Very nice photo of Bob, unusual for them to sit still enough in relatively exposed spots. I guess he felt the proximity of the rose thorns was adequate protection. Hope the brown snakes are less in evidence this season

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