>look who arrived while I was in Tassie

>I’d like you all to meet Ruby and Rowan’s new little half-brother, Lucky:
so called because BrendaND thinks the black marks along his spine look like a club, spade and heart, and also because he was the only one [ of four ] to survive from the two pregnancies.
Pete has now been told that Nubians are less hardy than the other breeds and I ran this idea past my goat guru Rosie, when I went to pick David up today. For what it’s worth, she agrees … says that she’s only ever had two nubians and they were lovely animals but cost her a fortune in vet fees at kidding time.
Scarlett isn’t interested in him at all, so Bear’s mama, Misty, is treating the little guy as an extra puppy, complete with the tongue washing at both ends [ and all I’ll say on that is: she better not lick me with that tongue ]
Here’s Bear rather tentatively checking out the new member of the extended tribe
He sleeps in a hay filled tub in the laundry, coming out occasionally to play with the dogs and to follow Brenda around as she tends the garden.

Mr tough-guy Pete is still ‘joking’ about barbeques but somehow I think little Lucky is going to stay as a friend for his daddy, Blackadder… and the two boys are being entered in their first goat show this weekend in the Father-and-son class, so fingers crossed, okay ?


>I’m baa-aack

>Because I wasn’t really in a position to update the blog during the week, now I have the task of sorting through a mountain of experiences and impressions, and trying to produce something cogent from that.
I had hoped that being home for a day or so would help, but no … still popping and fizzing and firing off random neurons.
total overload even though I didn’t actually DO all that much.

so I’ll start at the almost-end of the trip:

Beryl decided a while ago that she’s not going to be doing much more knitting so her stash came home with me
Mind you, we did stalk, capture, and drag back to the cave, the pattern for a fabulous mitred jacket that a friend of hers was wearing on Wednesday, so I’m not sure that this “I’m-not-likely-to-knit-ever-again” thing is entirely true. Probably more of an “I’m-only-going-to-buy-yarn-one-project-at-a-time-and-not-have-a-wool-stash”
so here we have the Amazing Exploding Suitcase which weighed in at 19.8 kilos [ almost 44 pounds ] and a mere .2kg under the load limit.
Dragging this herniated behemoth along in my wake, with its piddly little wrist strap cutting off all feeling and circulation, has meant that I haven’t picked up any knitting, crochet or quilting since I got home because I’m waiting for the feeling to return to my cramped left hand.
NOTE TO SELF: get one of those suitcases that have the extendable handle on the side rather than the top [ like overgrown carry-on luggage]
NOTE TO EVERYONE ELSE: yes, oh sharp eyed ones, that is a bag of novelty yarn right at the back there, but it’s the super soft, smooshy kind intended for making chemo and/or alopecia hats

>if I can just last until tomorrow!!

>I didn’t get around to posting yesterday and telling you about the lovely new 3 seater suede-look microfibre lounge/couch/sofa [ pick your term of linguistic preference ]
This morning I discovered that, despite the 2 quilts I had put on there as dog-proof couch covers, one of the cats had decided to sharpen its claws on the front of an arm rest.
I now know who the culprit is – in all probability – because I wasn’t fast enough to stop Oakley doing the same to the OTHER arm rest about 5 minutes ago.
I now having matching sets of tiny holes in my brand new, waited for about 4 years, much anticipated couch.

Tomorrow I get on a plane for my first real break in over a decade and fly down to Tassie until Friday.
I’m only just letting myself get excited about this.
Sounds more than a little fatalistic I know, but I think somewhere deep in the back of my head, I was afraid that if I allowed myself to believe it, then something would happen to cock it up.
I have been negotiating for months and months for Carer funding for David and as a result there will be people coming to live in each afternoon/evening and to get him up and off to his Day Placement.
It WAS supposed to be one person – whom he knew – but of course in the ongoing saga, that didn’t happen. Two people, two days each, one he’d never met until yesterday.

bloody hell:

organising animals
writing lists for this man that doesn’t know dave

I’m going to need a holiday after this !!

>How to put on a Quilt Show ?

>Obviously one must first make some quilts and find a suitable venue but if we can take those as a given?

to put on a quilt show you must …
First assemble your troups …
We have learnt through previous bitter experience not to have too many well intentioned ‘helpers’ as they only get in each other’s way.
Also we would prefer no blood be shed as it’s too difficult to get it out of the quilts, so it works best if all concerned are able to rub along together and just get on with the jobs at hand.
With this in mind, make sure that there is one person in charge, to whom all disputes can be referred… try hard not to drive this person insane. This is very important. You might need her later!
This ‘in charge’ person needs to posses the patience of Job, and more tact than … than … umm… a very tactful person
[ that’s her on the left, otherwise known as Mme President, Sylvia ]

If at all possible ensure that there are a couple of semi-willing hubbys to do the heavy lifting and such. It helps if they are trained to take orders.

So, today we started around 9 am by vacuuming the hall thoroughly.
Then we proceeded to erect the quilt stands according to a convoluted floor plan.
Mountains of quilts were sorted and their order allocated by Marcie [ in red ]

backdrops fixed in place
then we discovered that we were short two black backdrops and I went home to manufacture them out of David’s sheets

breaks were had for a bountious, copious, delicious morning tea and lunch provided by the lovely Frieda
and by the time I left to get David at 3pm the quilts were starting to go up.
Things may look quite advanced here but I know that there will have been many many changes since I left and much tweaking of the colour scheme and what hangs next to which.

if you are in need of an outing and in reach of Castlemaine:

St Mary’s Church Hall
Hargreaves Street
opening at 10 am tomorrow, October 17 and then Saturday and Sunday [ closing at 3 on Sunday because we have to get it all down again ]

>worth the wait ?


I ordered these back in MAY supposedly with a 12 week wait for delivery from the State, because … get this … they only import brown cowdy boots into Australia!!!!!

There was supposed to be another plain black pair as wel,l but the ‘lass who doesn’t work here anymore’ had typed in the wrong code so the toe shape was wrong and they have to go back. I’ve had second thoughts about justifying the cost of two pairs anyway so, in a way, it was a blessing – but I’m glad the two-tone ones were the correct pair.After 5 month’s wait and more than one “please ‘splain” phone call, and just as we head into the hot weather, here they are…
and I don’t care how hot it gets… I’m gonna wear ’em anyway.

If you just heard a kerthunk, it was probably RoseRed hyperventillating.


>I didn’t even notice the little bug on the trunk in that first one until I saw it on the monitor :]
observant much ??
Triffids cunningly disguised as lichen on a dead branch

and this last one is the tiny Twining Fringe-Lily [thysanotus patersonii] growing around a small eucalyptus plantlet.
Those flowers are about the size of your smallest fingernail.

>Snakebabs anyone?

>I have just finished sifting the still hot ash from yesterday and while I draw the line at photographing the evidence, suffice it to say that I now know what char broiled snake looks like.

What I found hardest to believe was that the silly bugger poked his head out of the bonfire when it got a bit hot and chose to go back in. Immolation wouldn’t be my choice of the ideal way to go.