>How to put on a Quilt Show ?

>Obviously one must first make some quilts and find a suitable venue but if we can take those as a given?

to put on a quilt show you must …
First assemble your troups …
We have learnt through previous bitter experience not to have too many well intentioned ‘helpers’ as they only get in each other’s way.
Also we would prefer no blood be shed as it’s too difficult to get it out of the quilts, so it works best if all concerned are able to rub along together and just get on with the jobs at hand.
With this in mind, make sure that there is one person in charge, to whom all disputes can be referred… try hard not to drive this person insane. This is very important. You might need her later!
This ‘in charge’ person needs to posses the patience of Job, and more tact than … than … umm… a very tactful person
[ that’s her on the left, otherwise known as Mme President, Sylvia ]

If at all possible ensure that there are a couple of semi-willing hubbys to do the heavy lifting and such. It helps if they are trained to take orders.

So, today we started around 9 am by vacuuming the hall thoroughly.
Then we proceeded to erect the quilt stands according to a convoluted floor plan.
Mountains of quilts were sorted and their order allocated by Marcie [ in red ]

backdrops fixed in place
then we discovered that we were short two black backdrops and I went home to manufacture them out of David’s sheets

breaks were had for a bountious, copious, delicious morning tea and lunch provided by the lovely Frieda
and by the time I left to get David at 3pm the quilts were starting to go up.
Things may look quite advanced here but I know that there will have been many many changes since I left and much tweaking of the colour scheme and what hangs next to which.

if you are in need of an outing and in reach of Castlemaine:

St Mary’s Church Hall
Hargreaves Street
opening at 10 am tomorrow, October 17 and then Saturday and Sunday [ closing at 3 on Sunday because we have to get it all down again ]


5 thoughts on “>How to put on a Quilt Show ?

  1. Lynne says:

    >Can you go in my place? LOL Everything looks well under control – congratulations to you all.

  2. Alwen says:

    >The quilts I can see are beautiful. It’s usually keeping the blood off that’s the hardest.

  3. Mia says:

    >oh that would be fun to go to.. I LOVE quilts.. but when i see them all displayed like that i want every single one..so sad leaving them there hehehe.

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    >Fun behind-the-scenes glimpse. Have a lovely time at your show! Wish I could go, but the “drive” is a bit much.

  5. Sarah says:

    >Very impressed. I love how those things come together like they do- to us not behind the scenes they look totally effortless!

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