>if I can just last until tomorrow!!

>I didn’t get around to posting yesterday and telling you about the lovely new 3 seater suede-look microfibre lounge/couch/sofa [ pick your term of linguistic preference ]
This morning I discovered that, despite the 2 quilts I had put on there as dog-proof couch covers, one of the cats had decided to sharpen its claws on the front of an arm rest.
I now know who the culprit is – in all probability – because I wasn’t fast enough to stop Oakley doing the same to the OTHER arm rest about 5 minutes ago.
I now having matching sets of tiny holes in my brand new, waited for about 4 years, much anticipated couch.

Tomorrow I get on a plane for my first real break in over a decade and fly down to Tassie until Friday.
I’m only just letting myself get excited about this.
Sounds more than a little fatalistic I know, but I think somewhere deep in the back of my head, I was afraid that if I allowed myself to believe it, then something would happen to cock it up.
I have been negotiating for months and months for Carer funding for David and as a result there will be people coming to live in each afternoon/evening and to get him up and off to his Day Placement.
It WAS supposed to be one person – whom he knew – but of course in the ongoing saga, that didn’t happen. Two people, two days each, one he’d never met until yesterday.

bloody hell:

organising animals
writing lists for this man that doesn’t know dave

I’m going to need a holiday after this !!


13 thoughts on “>if I can just last until tomorrow!!

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    >Add deep breaths to your list. You need this break. You deserve this break.I am going to keep a good thought for David and the aides. It’s presumptuous of me, but I get the sense that although he’s wired up differently, he’s made of good stuff.

  2. lisette says:

    >wow – have a fantastic time.big hugs for a lovely weekxxx

  3. Rose Red says:

    >Hope things go ok for David, and that you have a wonderful time – I love Tasmania, such a great place to visit.

  4. Marcie says:

    >Bon Voyage sweetie, have a wonderful time!

  5. Alice says:

    >Have a fantastic time, Susan. You deserve the break.

  6. >Enjoy yourself and say HI to Beryl for me! Try to get to Ulverstone – great antique shops there! (and a very nice quilt shop too!)

  7. Sarah says:

    >Have a great time!

  8. Alwen says:

    >I’m going to go a different direction and say sorry about the couch!I got mine reupholstered from nasty old-bandaid pink to a sort of deep bluish green, and quickly made a slipcover with the leftover fabric to keep off most of the dog hair.Next I know, the big dog is on it, trying to paw it up into a comfy bed – ARGH.

  9. Olivia says:

    >Have a great break and try not to worry too much!I’ve never bought a new couch and I think it would be hard to bring one home and have the dogs jump right onto it! Hope you find a simple way to repair the damage.

  10. Lynne says:

    >Have a fabulous time.

  11. Lindi says:

    >A cat who likes to kick and claw her way along the bottom of lounges is the reason i’ve only had second hand lounges for the last 13 years! Hope you have a great break and everything goes well for David.

  12. deniasha says:

    >Take a well deserved break…breath deeply, relax and repeat as necessary!Oh, and by the way…You’ve been awarded…

  13. sexy says:


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