>Friday Fotos

>otherwise known as : How to set a fox trap to catch a Bear

T’other morning, I was making breakfast and I could hear the maggies going absolutely nuts. Bear was conspicuously silent.
When I looked out, I could see the magpies frantically circling around the head of a very large fox.

Foxes* are not good when there are small, relatively newborn animals around.

So the last few nights PeteND has set a [humane] trap with rancid chicken giblets

so far no fox

I was on surrogate-mother duty today because both Pete and Brenda needed to be elsewhere
Bear was already over next door playing with Misty and Molly

and look what greeted me when I went over to feed Lucky:

is that a hang dog expression or what ??

Obviously they need to brush up their reading skills

* foxes and rabbits are not native to Australia. They were introduced by barmy English colonists who wanted to go hunting!


6 thoughts on “>Friday Fotos

  1. Nadie says:

    >Very glad that it was a humane trap, although the thought occurs as to what Pete would do with a live fox, since they can’t be released.

  2. catsmum says:

    >I was trying to avoid stating the obvious, Nadie, my love … to whit: the only good fox is a dead one.They are vermin and introduced vermin at that … a harsh reality perhaps, but that’s life in the bush.

  3. Alwen says:

    >I think that expression says, “Yum! Rancid chicken giblets!” in Dog.

  4. Lynne says:

    >Poor hungry babies! Don’t you feed them enough?

  5. ozjane says:

    >I have two of those fox furs the ladies used to wear over their shoulders….one I have over the top of the sofa….just as a warning to certain other live animals about what can happen….it is a memory deal also as Dad shot it when Mum was in hospital after my birth and had it made into the glorious shoulder fur..such bad bad days I grew up in….and somewhere else I think I have Grandma’s …I certainly have a fantastic photo of Grandma in hers. Should blog it one day.That would put the cat amongst the pigeons.But you could drape one of them curled up in the cage……lol

  6. sexy says:


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