>Can I have some whine with that ??

>Marcie pointed out today at Quilting that I’ve been a bit quiet this week. No dramas per se but it’s been a busy week – the good, the bad, and the indifferent

The good:
– getting together with my friend Lorraine for some Saint Nick construction [ and she’s coming over again tomorrow after which I’ll resume the Christmas blogging ]
Tara came over with Sorcha and brought Ms Rose [ the wheel ] along as well – we had a fabulous time … except that I forgot to feed Sorcha … BAD Catsmum … BAD!!! However Sorcha forgives me because I let her play with my vintage pram and the dolliesfor anyone who doesn’t remember, Tara was the winner of my last blogiversary contest
– My lovely friend Val also popped in on a flying visit to Bendigo .
I probably looked a bit stunned when she arrived – because I’d actually thought that she was coming the week before .
It’s that whole ‘this Friday’ /’next Friday’ thing. She asked what was I doing next Friday and meant the Friday of next week … as you would … for some reason my addled brain translated it into Friday of this week … and promptly put Tara and Sorcha off for a week which meant that they all fetched up at mine together LOL
– Nadie came up on a flying visit on Monday afternoon to reclaim Suki and Sumi who were model houseguests but the remaining feline/canine population Chez Catsmum were more than happy to see their tails disappearing in the distance
For posterity – and those who wouldn’t believe it without proof – here are MissC and Sumi actually on the same bed.
Relaxed on the same bed in actual fact.

the bad:
– the funeral for my dear little Japanese friend Mineko Wright [ Minnie ], who passed away from cancer last week. Nuff said, I think.

the indifferent:
– having an electrician in to do a few smallish jobs that had piled up. Quote: $200 – $300 … yup, can manage that. Invoice which arrived in the mail today: $740.
If anyone wants to know a really, really good electrician in Bendigo who charges like a wounded bull but turns up when he says he will , just let me know, okay !

In between all of this there has been much lugging of Chrissy boxes down from, and back up to, the shed, a routine Doctor visit, [ the BP is still up ] … potentially disturbing
health news from a dear friend today [ fingers crossed for good news Friday, sweetness ]

and no bloody dance classes until after I see the orthopedic surgeon next week [ grumble grumble whine ]

edited to add – did get one lot of very happy news at 9pm but it deserves its own post tomorrow – and no … before you ask … no one is pregnant !!


2 thoughts on “>Can I have some whine with that ??

  1. Marcie says:

    >Do check out lifeatspringrock.blogspot.com (tried to email you but it bounced)

  2. catsmum says:

    >thanks for the link Marcie – I’ve added Rosemary to the Blogroll over there in the sidebar … so now all the people that I used to email her stories to can check for themselves

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