>The New Who

It’s official


8 thoughts on “>The New Who

  1. >….. and who is Matt Smith???

  2. Lisa L says:

    >Sophia and I just saw this news on Facebook!

  3. >I am not discussing this. I need time. I know that this is The How Of The Who. I just don’t do change very well…I’ll get over it. I always do!

  4. Sooziii says:

    >I’m still upset that David Tennant is leaving and now in his place a toyboy!! Damn you David!

  5. ozjane says:

    >I am culturaly depreived. I am generation past and gone.I know not of what you speak.I have heard of Dr Whosobs……..but I know nuffin.But if there is grief here……maybe dat is good fing.

  6. sMC says:

    >ahah but he drank from the same waters as I did yeah for Northamnpton.and and he’s going to be ok.

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