>wednesday bullet points

>- it’s bloody hot outside
currently 40C /104F and it’s only midday so ‘t’will get hotter
I don’t have functioning A/C – haven’t had for 2 years at least – cos the goats repeatedly stand on /chew the bits that are outside [ so it’s hardly worth getting it repaired again until there is something resembling a fence between them and it … which ain’t happening anytime soon ]

-therefore today is all about the lounging around, the telly and the reading
speaking of which
since New Years Day I have read:

Dead Beat
White Knight
Proven Guilty … Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files

and the following Terry Pratchett offerings:

Witches Abroad [ although, to be honest, I’d nearly finished that before I got side tracked by the Dresden Files ]
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies

Laurell K Hamilton:
A Stroke of Midnight
Mistral’s Kiss

It’s a bit hot

This is the knitting that I am not doing – see above regarding the ambient temperature

in the last month I have acquired another great-niece, Isabella Lilly, and a great-nephew, Isaac James. Obviously this is for young Master Isaac who was a month early and weighed in at 6 pounds and a bit.

In the interests of family harmony, Isabella’s already got the exact same top except in palest pink and a slightly larger size. I’ll post the photo when I find it

… can’t have anyone’s nose getting out of joint over who got the better pressie now can we ?

did I mention that it’s a bit hot ?

2pm update – it’s now 41.7C / 107.2 F
and at 4pm?42.4C / 108.3F

and four more months of hot weather ahead of us


11 thoughts on “>wednesday bullet points

  1. Marcie says:

    >the mercury rose to 45C on my back verandah, that’s around 112F in the old vernacular. yeucchh!

  2. catsmum says:

    >yeucch indeed – and it’s even worse than you thought – 113F !!!!

  3. The Boy says:

    >Glad to see I'm still ahead of you in the Discworld series, if only by about 3 books =DThe heats been bad, enough to make me want to resist going outside when I'm at my air-conditioned work all day >)

  4. Jane says:

    >Get a fence just around the air conditioner woman …and get it fixed. Here I was with two on and actually shivering a bit when the computer told me it was 24CAs if I was going out to find out.I did open the door enough to give my handyman hot and cold drink and tell him that I heard old people needed to be given liquids in the heat. I just escaped the spade on my head. LOL He is one of the few people I know who is a couple of years older than I.

  5. Alwen says:

    >I’d just have that Quantum Weather Butterfly from Terry Pratchett’s Interesting Times flap its wings and send some of our 8 degree F (-13 C) air over to you, but it would freeze solid outside today!113 F, gack!

  6. Lynne says:

    >Yep – I can relate! Thank God for air-con or the wedding would have to be postponed so I could finish the stole! And I don’t think DD and SIL2B would like that!! LOL

  7. Sarah says:

    >Sounds like summer here… That sweater is great- what’s the pattern?

  8. >In a twist of irony too weird to be believed, I just did my Wednesday Night Bullet Post on the temperatures as well.It’s just that mine was about wind chills and my fears that I will freeze to death tonight unless the cats agree to sleep in the bed tonight.Is there no such thing as a “happy medium” on this planet right now???? Hope things cool off for you!

  9. Donna Lee says:

    >I vaguely remember being hot and sweaty. It feels like we’ve been cold forever. I’ll try to remember this feeling come August when our temps hit those obscene highs! I don’t have a/c either so it’s always a battle to keep cool.

  10. Nadie says:

    >Summer took a while to kick inin other news cass is having a little girl! 😀 so you can start making blue and purple stuff now (totally different to the blue and purple stuff she’d need if it was a boy!)

  11. Robbyn says:

    >I don’t think I’d enjoy your 107 degrees F, but I can’t help but feel a bit wistful about it as the temperature here was 0 when I got up this morning 🙂

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