>Saturday Sky

enjoying mid 20s/70s, with a surprisingly cool overnight low of 7C/45F.
Barely a whisp of cloud in the sky
… perfection if you discount the issue of total lack of precipitation and the travesty that is my [ for want of a better term ] garden
and I refuse to listen to the bloody awful forecast for the rest of the week – fingers in ears – I can’t hear you – lalalalala.

In the spirit of making hay while the sun shines-in-moderation, I’ve cracked on with the little top for great nephew Isaac and am up to the seaming – of which there is very little – weaving in of ends [ bugger all ] and sewing on of buttons [5]

Pattern – vintage Mon Tricot
Yarn – Patons Big Baby 4 ply [ fingering]
needles – KP Options 3mm
Mods – an extra repeat in the sleeves and across the front. The neck on these tends to be a bit loose and gappy so I picked one stitch per garter ridge and knitted a few extra rows. This was always the plan, I allowed for it when I placed my buttonholes … says she, basking in the reflected glow of her shiny cleverness and foresight … err … UNLIKE the pink one I made for Isabella where it was an afterthought resulting in a ‘top’ button that wasn’t – at the top, that is… but we won’t talk about that

There has been a fair bit of late night/early morning reading going on as well , as I muddle through a fibro induced rather-worse-than-my-normal-level-of-insomnia bout of sleeplessness:

I’ve finished another Laurell K Hamilton: A Lick of Frost, and am now back to the Discworld’s with Soul Music and Interesting Times.
I’d completely forgotten that I’d started Soul Music which was buried under the detritus on the coffee table and by the time I realised that there was one missing from the shelf of TPs and unearthed it, was already further into Interesting Times.
I’ll continue reading them out of order. It doesn’t really matter anyway because they each deal with different sets of ongoing characters.

There has also been [finally] some action in the Christmas Takedown Department
Bear tried to help but was less than impressed when his feline siblings decided to oversee the proceedings

Although, to be fair, they have been at this decoration caper for a lot longer than he has

and finally
after the inestimable contributions of the various four legged helpers and having unearthed everything that had fallen out of reach behind various trees and gift boxes, I can relate that the ornament tally for ’08

pinched out of the box and chewed on 1
knocked off by cats 2
knocked off by dog 1
knocked off by Nonna 2
cause undertermined 4

for a grand total of 10


9 thoughts on “>Saturday Sky

  1. Rose Red says:

    >Erm, I have to confess I still haven’t taken down the Christmas decorations. It’s going to the top of the list. For tomorrow.

  2. catsmum says:

    >oh I haven’t actually FINISHED yet RR …that’s on MY list for tomorrowright after “learn Portugese”

  3. catsmum says:

    >THIS IS THE OTHER CATSMUM HEREI’ts funny how someone’s blog sticks in your mind. I thought I’d stop by and check on you.It’s cooler here too thankgoodness.The weather is a chook killer.I have that Mon Trichot pattern. My mum and I made one each for the twins.

  4. Jack says:

    >I am happy to brag that I had my decos down weeks ago. Of course my display was a little more low key. πŸ˜‰

  5. >10…why I think that doesn’t seem too bad under the circumstances, I know not. But it just seems like there are ample opportunities for disaster with a houseful of “helpers…”

  6. Carol says:

    >ROFL. That last photo, you are totally being given the eye there!

  7. Robbyn says:

    >Ahhh- Interesting Times is one of my favorites – a delightful read πŸ™‚

  8. Alwen says:

    >Bear looks so cute in that box.My tree is still up. It was a fresh-cut tree, and I’ve kept it watered well enough that the little green buds are breaking. I can’t bear to put it out in the cold and the snow just yet!

  9. ozjane says:

    >Yes I can say with some virtue, that apart from a couple of new ones, and a little re organization of the cupboard my decorations,,,,those which you have helped increase..are away.That photo of big ears Bear has made it to “Friend’sChn’photo file.Moggie guessed what I had done so she has come it at 2.15 am to take me to bed. Her method is to scratch at my rear end through the side of the chair.

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