>It seems bizarre to be back posting about knitting in the face of possibly 300 deaths from the fires many of which are still burning but I can only take so much horror. I seriously need a little normality in my life in the midst of the stories of loss and heartbreak

so without any intention of trivialising the past week:

you may remember that I was knitting a tinkered with version of the Posh Wedding Shrug in finer yarn/needles. The bamboo was bearable to knit with in the 46C heat, and I don’t know that there are too many other yarns that I could say that of … even cotton is unpleasant at those sort of temperatures.
Let’s hear it for bamboo – not only is it the ultimate eco-friendly completely renewable resource [ and in case you didn’t know: a 60′ bamboo can replace itself in 2 months !!!!] but it’s nice to work with, has a beautiful drape, is lovely to wear in stinking hot weather AND has in-built antibacterial and antifungal properties that reputedly survive around 50 washes.

The shrug went along quite well when it was too hot to do much else – strange really: I could knit lace but couldn’t concentrate enough to do my other favourite low-energy activity – which is to read.

The picot cast-off edging took forever to do but looks good and I’ll get a decent photo of the object itself when there is someone up here to model it, because a shrug that isn’t on a bod is a damn hard thing to get a decent shot of, I’m here to tell you.

Since then I’ve also made these little mitts which are sorta kinda my Travelling Vine mittens [ free pattern link over there in the sidebar ]because it’s the same lace as the shrug. The yarn weight is the same as the blue ones in the pattern but I went down a size on the needle – unintentionally – and made a few mods. There are fewer rows of wrist ribbing … which in fact I would leave out completely next time, the lace continues over the palm, I left off the garter stitch detailing at the thumb opening and not as deep a lace band over the back of the hand seeing these are purely to look cute and pretty and not to keep the hands warm.
I was going to do the picot cast off to match the shrug along the top and around the thumb.
Well, not ‘going to do’ … I DID do it … but it rolled something shocking, so I frogged it back and did a conventional sewn down picot hem.

Did I say “a FEW mods”? I guess they’re really a whole different pattern.
I may have to write this one up [ without that wrist ribbing ], before I forget what I actually did.

and NOTE TO SELF: Self, old dear, you really don’t have photo worthy digits – get a shot of Nadie wearing these!


9 thoughts on “>Bamboozled

  1. >Glad to hear you continue to be safe and sound.Those mitts are to die/dye for. Please please do write them up. My granddaughter would be thrilled to have them for her birthday.Namaste

  2. Bells says:

    >Oh they are all gorgeous. I really must try bamboo. I imagine it would stay so cool.And I agree with you re trying to retain some normality. I did the same, wanting to write/think about something that isn’t bad news, which in turn made me feel a bit guilty because the Victorians can’t escape it for a second.

  3. Amanda says:

    >That is beautiful. And I agree, bamboo is a delight to work with. I am also trying to get back to normality and I’m trying to concentrate on something beautiful just to provide myself with some mental relief.

  4. Warty Mammal says:

    >I’m fuzzy on your proximity to the fires. So glad that you, your human family and your goat family are safe.It has felt like “serious time” lately. Perhaps that’s proper. 300 + human lives, countless animal lives and property damage deserve a time of respect and reflection. And yet, after a time it all becomes overwhelming.Gorgeous knitting, as always!

  5. Alwen says:

    >I have to say, I did something similar after the combination of 9/11 and 9/12 (the day I lost my full-time job, the paid one, that is): I sat down and tatted because I needed to do something that felt rational and normal and not tragic.I’ll have to keep bamboo in mind for those August days when it turns stinking hot and humid here!

  6. >The fact that you are able to post about mundane things comforts me more than you can imagine. You are safe and knitting. Nothing wrong with letting everyone know that you are OK. Lovely knitting, there. I also love bamboo. I spun some a while back and found the drape in the finished yarn to be wonderful!

  7. Kylie says:

    >I feel the same way and I know it sounds terrible but I am exhausted from crying every night while watching the news. It’s still so great to know that you are ok 🙂

  8. mehitabel says:

    >Thank you for letting us all know you are okay. The wristlets are gorgeous and yes, please, do write up the pattern. And your hands are quite nice enough for pictures, and let’s not hear any more of that! (Mine have turned into claws, so I know whereof I speak! I think I could model mittens. Big heavy thrummed ones…)

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