>another connection made

>There are very few images in existence of my father’s side of the family
This is mostly because , when my grandmother passed away in 1949, my uncle Joe, who was still living with grandma, carted everything [ and I do mean EVERYTHING ] out into the backyard and set fire to it. By the time his brothers and sister managed the drive down to Lorne from Melbourne they were greeted by the sight of a huge bonfire blazing away – furniture, books, family silver, school prizes, the lot.

Some photos survived the purge but only because they were safely in the albums of other family members and they are few and precious
Imagine my surprise and delight then to find this hitherto unknown [ well, unknown to me anyway ] photo of Grandma Bat

tucked inside an old map of Hobart that I unfolded for the first time last week when I was looking for ephemera for my collages.

I never met Emily Hyams Batterham because she died before my parents married, but now at least I know one more thing about her – she was a knitter !


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