>I would like to think that the image I project on these here interwebs is that of a good and law abiding type … quirky ? maybe …. creative? certainly hope so … mad as a hatter? quite possibly

but definitely law abiding

and you see, that’s the thing, internet appearences can be deceiving:
For your information, I spent a goodly portion of Tuesday behind bars

so there!
I was
in stir
the clink
the Pen
the Big House
the Slammer
the Pokey

and I’ll be going back ‘inside’ soon

but panic not, gentle reader
I haven’t quite descended into a rampant life of crime

and now a digression:

the Old Castlemaine Gaol
is an imposing building set high above the town and was in use from the days of the goldrush, housing in its day, both men and women, in what was considered a model establishment but now looks frankly horrific
… and the thought that it was still in use less than 20 years ago gives me the heebiejeebies

luckily my purpose there was quite benign

The Castlemaine State festival starts tomorrow and so Robyn and I spent about 5 hours on Tuesday hanging 16 of her artworks.
and yes, you read that aright
it took us 5 bleeping hours [ well, okay, four and a half plus lunch ] to hang a grand total of sixteen poster sized works.
Because the building has a heritage listing, one obviously is not allowed to hammer in nails willy nilly – or even at all – and so we had to be very creative in how things were attached and to what … hence the five hours.

Rob is a graphic designer and also an illustrator of children’s books whose signature style incorporates a combination of painting and computer scanned/manipulated photography,
This exhibition of recent works is entitled Quirky Critters [ one of several things happening there for the Festival ] and is definitely kid friendly.
The Old Gaol itself is likely to appeal to that streak, which most kids seem to possess to some degree, that delights in the slightly gruesome. So basically if you’re looking for somewhere to take the rugrats during the festival – March 27 to April 5 – you might want to put this one on the list.


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