>the perils of country life episode 6037

>A rather pungent – in fact it wouldn’t be going too far to say revolting, and distressingly familiar Odeur de Rutting Billygoat insinuated itself into my nostrils, and then my conciousness, as I sat here yesterday lunchtime, innocently trolling the Blogiverse.

My immediate thought [ after the ‘erk …yuck … never smelt him-next-door from inside the house before’ ] was something along the lines of “… that wind must be coming from just the wrong quarter”

Then my tender ears were assailed by what was either a Bedouin in full cry – unlikely in Central Victoria – or a male goat in the throes of passion, serenading the object of his temporary affection.
My immediate thought THIS time was ” that sounds bloody close”
followed by
“that sounds very bloody close”

hell’s bells and jumping catfish
Blackadder’s out!!!!

so I sprinted for the kitchen door, grabbing the camera on the way, just in time to immortalise the sight of a fairly startled looking Robbyn being assured that she is the [current] love of Blackadder’s life
Needless to say PND and Brenda were not home and of course I didn’t have handy any chain heavy enough to fasten him to a nearby tree.

Got any idea how much effort is required to persuade a fully grown 100 kilo plus male goat to go about 200 metres in the opposite and uphill direction from the object of his affection ?
Well I do and I’m here to tell you that it is entirely possible that my right shoulder and upper arm [ not to mention my already dodgy knee ] may never be the same again

and as the final ironic twist in the tail ?

Today all of next door’s livestock have been moved as per schedule to their new farm out at Strathfieldsaye

that beggar knew it was his last chance
I don’t know how he knew


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