>spoiled brat

>Found an interesting looking parcel waiting for me at the Post Office on Friday morning:

noticed that it had RAOK* [ random act of kindness ] as the top line of the return address

barely restrained the baser instinct that wanted to rip it open with my teeth then and there, right in the middle of the main street

ditto when I got back to the car which naturally contains scissors in the glove box

in fact I was a positive model of restraint and not only waited until I’d reached home, I even made myself a nice cuppa and took the whole lot out into the sun on the verandah

probably should’ve held off on that cuppa, cos look what was inside:

of course I needed to have a second cup of tea just so that I could ‘christen’ the lovely blue and white floral mug

so huge thankyou to Anne [ sadly blogless but she’s stockingstitch on Ravelry]

and it probably goes without saying – but I will – that David thoroughly enjoyed the choc chicken when he got home

* we have a lovely aussie based RAOK group on Ravelry


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