>Share your creative space[s] part three – the Great Wall of Fabric

>Three days ago we started at one end of my house, yesterday we were in the middle, and today we’ve reached the other end:
– this is an 8′ x 15′ room with no built in cupboards, so was probably intended to be a study or office.
As I don’t need either of those, it seemed the logical place to store my:

fabric [ this is the actual QUILT fabric ] there is a satellite collection of evening fabrics for crazy patchwork, and also furnishing fabrics on the opposite wall ]

bolts of batting
odds and sods [ click on the photo if you need to read the labels! ]
quilt hoops
27 years worth of quilt magazines
Also in there, but not shown, are 2 wall units that used to be in my dining room, full of finished quilts, and some pretty old UFOs – from some time in the Cretaceous period and masquerading as class samples – and a small wardrobe that belonged to BFF Beryl’s mum. It’s full of patterns, class notes, etc

… and a partridge in a pear tree!


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