>Catsmum’s creative space part 4

>just when you thought it was all done and dusted …

[ and that’s your error right there … dusting … me ? … pffft ]

there are some creative activities that are better done outside, and some consumables that I REALLY don’t want inside

so my dyes and associated supplies live in this artistic arrangement of cobwebs in the carport

against the wall is one of my trestle tables [ with a couple more up the hill, in the shed, should I need them ] and under it:

a tub full of my ‘genuine Japanese antique’ plastic aggi pipe used for shibori and
Dorothy, my huge old dinosaur of a microwave
who thrives on an occasional diet of superheated wool products, Landscape dyes and eucalyptus leaves
If I need running water, the tap in the goat paddock is easily accessible, although sometimes I will admit to hankering after a plumbed-in sink or trough of some sort.

I could probably also claim this as an extension of my creative space:
There has been knitting and crochet activity out here from time to time
but if I’m being perfectly honest, once I get settled with a cuppa and an animal or two, I’m far more likely to sit, relax, imbibe the surroundings and just be


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