>Unscheduled quilt airing in Central Vic

>Bear got excited and had an accident
just a wee one [ and you can take that anyway you like ]
so one of the [ traditional bed ] quilts got to enjoy a warm, relaxing afternoon in the carport … out of direct sun of course … after the excitement of a trip through the washing machine. It’s like a water theme park for quilts.
Well to be entirely honest, it spent several relaxing afternoons because it wasn’t dry enough to bring inside Monday night and then I forgot yesterday and it got damp again, so it stayed out there until this arvo.

specs for anyone interested:
quilt name: Cat’s Claws [ there are cat / leopard labels printed on the back of the fabric yardage and I appliqued one of each design to the back of the quilt for posterity]
pattern: Buzzsaw – you make half square triangles, cut ’em all up, juggle ’em around, and sew ’em back together again. I worked it out for myself but have since seen it in several books and magazine articles.
fabric: the navy is 11 or 12 different prints of ‘Sis’ or ‘Chwe-chwe’ fabrics printed in England for the South African trade, and then exported again to Australia [ * cough, cough*carbon foot print ] It was made in 2000 and has Millenium fabric as part of the label on the back, as do each of the quilts I finished that year.
The quilting was ably done by Rhonda Coates of Windemere Quilting, Kilmore, Vic.


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