>week in review

>It’s been an odd week
I’ve had a migraine on and off for most of it, thanks to a TM joint that periodically goes out of whack.
Even though I sleep with a carefully crafted $600 piece of plastic in my mouth every night, once that joint seizes up, it’s just a matter of beating it back into submission with a muscle relaxant and anti-inflams and waiting the migraine out.
During the periods of pharmaceutically induced pseudo-sensibility, there has been [minimal ] housework, couch potatoing and a lot of late night reading [ Jingo, Last Continent and Carpe Jugulum, all by Terry P, currently on The Fifth Elephant ]
I finished crocheting a top that I hadn’t shown you at all:
BWM 4 ply cotton in Wild Iris
made up as I went along, with a vague thought of submitting it to Yarn, but then I realised I really didn’t want to have to work out multiple sizes
3mm and 3.5mm
started about three weeks ago I think – and intended to be an inch or so longer until I ran into a massive unfixable yarn-barf and decided it was long enough.

I made a couple of origami kimonos from rice paper

and added some more stamped spirals to a handmade silk paper kimono from last year.

I quite liked how it looked originally but it was a bit dark. Obviously it looks better in the frame, but it doesn’t photograph well behind the glass.
You’ll just have to imagine it … wide white matt board, plain black wooden box frame courtesy of Sam’s Discount Store at Kangaroo Flat.

Then there was my 3 first skeins of handspun corriedale cross discovered lurking in the spare bedroom this morning…
and dull boring fawny-grey

in other words typical beginner yarn

a quick trip through Dorothy in a hot bath of Landscape Kelp and Tarragon and this looks like something I’ll use

I’m thinking a bag of some sort
possibly felted

also I
gave in and joined Facebook
didn’t go to dance class all week
or choir
or quilting
or Auntie Lucy’s* funeral
made good soup
dyed my hair blue
stayed in my pj’s all day today
so did David

*MIL’s last remaining sister, who passed away last Saturday – not someone we had much to do with but devastating for MIL. Nadie and Stephen did their bit and looked after their Nonna for me


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