>Shock! Horror! Actual knitting content

>When I checked the archives it became clear that I haven’t shown you anything knitted for two whole months.
there have been crocheted items here and here

but no finished knitting
I cannot have gone a whole 2 months without knitting anything

it’s just not possible
… so a quick trawl through the photos and my projects page on Ravelry revealed a fair bit that had somehow never made it onto the blog. Although in my defense there was the bushfires, engagements, mixed media stuff and general all round Bear cuteness…

this cannot be allowed
must not be allowed

drum roll please
herewith the finished knitting for the last 2 months:
the Posh Shrug
the matching Mittens [ sort of my Travelling Vine Wristwarmer pattern but with so many mods that it ‘s pretty much a whole new design ]

a sampling of the umpty gazillion pairs of slightly modified Saartje’s bootees

that I’ve made with the wool that my lovely friend gave me a while back. This particular lot are all in Patons Bluebell [ and yes they have been sewn up but I don’t have a group shot of them finished and this post is picture heavy enough as it is. ]

Two Feather and Fan Comfort Shawls made from a single 200 gram ball of laceweight wool that I acquired at the Vinnies Op Shop for 50 cents.
The smaller shawlette was sent to Corrie for her birthday in March, and then seeing that there was so much yarn left, and I’d enjoyed the process so much, AND it was such a lovely blue, I made a slightly larger one for myself… and there’s still enough yarn left on that ball to make another one!
It’s a fun, reasonably easy knit, and a fabulous pattern … well written, lots of photos and can be made in any size in any weight of yarn and it’s a freebie to boot.

and finally there was this little baby top in Patons Smoothie [ made up as I went along ] for the yet-to-arrive Bella [ along with a BSJ and one pair of the Saartje’s bootees ]

There are a couple of other projects hanging around but they can have their moment in the spotlight some other day

and my tip for the week?
do not get between two female cats when the one on the back of the couch decides to ambush the one on the knee …
net result:
slashed upper lip, and two punctures to the lower lip and chin, all duly treated with ice and antiseptic
and you don’t need a picture


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