>Happy Mothers’ Day ?

>For a number of varied and quite legitimate reasons, the only one of my offspring that I am going to be seeing today is the one with absolutely no comprehension of what day it is … who happily parroted ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ when asked and handed me the present that I had ordered for myself from Book Depository
My Mothers’ Day last year was spent acting as assistant midwife to a fox terrier – wrongly identified in my post as a Jack Russell – but given the fact that our year has 365 days, it means that the anniversary of Bear’s Natal Day is tomorrow… it feels like it’s today, so I’m starting early with the baby photos:

– that’s Bear at the back, Ms Molly and Tassie/Ollie at 3 weeks. You can see how Bear was bigger and boofier than the other two, hence his name which doesn’t suit him at all now.

and here’s His Beariness


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