>The last week has involved
funeral [ with lashings of migraine meds and a two hour drive each way ]
more migraine
pjs all weekend
goat tending
getting the car serviced

in other words a lot of stuff that didn’t make for particularly thrilling blogging

I briefly considered blogging about the inch of rain that we got the other day [ yahoo! ]

or the beautiful misty morning

but instead I’m just going to show you the current knitting:

This is the fourth shawl in the last six months – there was the chunky Faroese one that ma-in-law got for Christmas, the two blue, laceweight versions of the Comfort Shawl, and this

which will be the Forest Canopy Shawl when it grows up. [ pic above truer for colour ]
I’m doing it in the same 50c-a-ball-from-the-Op-Shop laceweight as the blue ones [ except it’s teal this time ] which means about 4 times the work of the original pattern but it should be worth the effort.
Given that unblocked lace

is a universe away from the finished and blocked version, you can all go and check out one of Tara’s here and Jejeune’s here

I’ve seen photos of probably thousands of beautiful lace shawls, not to mention several hundred fabulous versions of this specific pattern, but it was really was Tara’s and Jejeune’s that convinced me that

a] I had to make it
b] that it should be in laceweight

I’m still seriously considering pinching Tara’s idea and doing a dip dyed edge – maybe in navy which might then turn out to be a darker teal on this base colour

just found a post by Rell with her Forest Canopy Shawl which is also totally luscious so I’m adding that link as well here


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