>and Monday Miscellany

>Nothing much happening this Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday
in the sense of there not being any visitors … which I think is the first time that’s happened since I went bush
so just David, Bear and moi – and an augmented complement of cats, as we’re playing host to the Grandkittens while Chris and Nadie are escaping the winter up in Queensland.
Feline fisticuffs have been kept to a minimum but Suki’s still hissing at me, Sumi is under Nadie’s bed, Sophie is under mine, and MissC is just generally not happy, and has taken her ill feelings out on Mr “I am a Nervous Wreck” Bear, who has declared himself an asylum seeker under David’s benevolent protection

and Oakley is just doing his best to ignore everyone.

there was knitting of course [ to be detailed termorrer]
and, please don’t collectively die of shock, I started a new quilt [ also to be detailed on the ‘morrow ]

so you’re getting another serving of photos that didn’t fit in anywhere else:

MissC has resumed her torrid on-again-off-again affair with Threebie [ big brown bear ]

Isn’t this sweet? Rowan and Ruby have been sticking very close to mum – and the house – although I must say that Rosie’s eye being mashed into the brickwork doesn’t look all that comfortable.

and speaking of uncomfortable eyes [ good segue, huh ? ]
Thankyou all for the kind healing wishes
… the black eye is now sort of burgundy with touches of that oh so attractive old bruise yellow, the golf ball on the cheekbone has gone, leaving the whole side of my face right down to my jaw tender to the touch … as I rediscover every time I roll over in bed.
I’ve been hibernating this long weekend so no one’s seen it, but tomorrow life resumes and I will no doubt discover just how effective my concealer is.


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