>well the shoulder thingie is finished – such a quick knit on those biggish needles
I’m going to have to keep this pattern in mind as a future present giving possibility in addition to my usual berets, cowls and fingerless gloves

and the specs are:
Ribbed Decrease Capelet by Amber Daniels-Cook [ I got it as a free PDF download at Ravelry but the link will take any non-Ravellers to Amber’s blog. ]

Arcoboleno by Moda Vera [ S*******t’s in-house brand ] – 6 balls x 55m per ball. I bought 10 balls a couple of years ago, because Nadie loved the colour combo, and it was on special, but then we discovered that she couldn’t bear it near her skin. Her loss, my gain I guess.

9mm KnitPicks Harmony

I knitted the second size because I was playing with needle size and gauge but really, if you’re using anything approaching the right gauge, the smallest size will fit almost anyone. The ribbing is extremely compressed when unworn and has a HUGE amount of stretch when it’s on.
The pattern gives directions for a long and a short version but only one lot of yarn requirements, so I’m assuming that is for the short version. I made mine a whole inch longer at the base and had to break into the seventh ball just to bind off the last 8 stitches at the neck … of course if I hadn’t had the extra ball I could’ve just frogged it back a row. [ but I did, so I didn’t have to … if you get my drift ]

overnight temp – 4 degrees
yesterday and Thursday – minus 2.9
and here we have exhibits a] and b]
this birdbath always freezes exactly at zero

but the big concrete low to the ground one only freezes below minus 2

The Yellow Honeyeaters were not happy

Sorry about the fuzzy pic but I was c-o-l-d and s-h-i-v-e-r-i-n-g in my dressing gown and pjs after the 7am [minus 2 degrees] goat-and-guinea-fowl breakfasting. As it turned out I could’ve waited because the ice was there until about 11 am.we may not get snow but we certainly know what frost is all about. Plants up here have to be able to cope with both severe frost AND scorching drought conditions in summer


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