>Those are meant to be rosehips ?

>Remember last weekend’s sneaky peak at this?
It’s a lino cut that I started last Friday.

Marcy asked in the comments on that post about the process of linocutting which basically involves coming up with a suitable subject – in this case, some large rose hips – drawing it onto a piece of linoleum, and then selectively carving away whatever seems like a good idea . A large roller or brayer is rolled repeatedly backwards and forwards [ and sideways ] through a glob* of printer’s ink until it’s perfectly even – which is harder than you’d imagine – which is then rolled onto the surface of the design. Anything carved out doesn’t pick up the printing ink and will show as a white area or line on paper or fabric.

You pretty much carve a bit and do a test print
carve a bit more, print it again
carve a bit more
… and then decide that you probably should’ve left well enough alone after step 2!

Anyway, I spent some time yesterday with my friend Robyn, ‘refining’ the design and printing it up three or four times and this is the final result.

… and gratifying as it would be to have you all believing that this is just another one of my many interests, it would definitely be a stretch to say that I ‘dolinocutting.

This is the first time I’ve played with those little chiselly thingies probably since about 1992, and before that it was probably back in my art teaching days sometime in the Late Cretaceous.

Blame or praise Robyn … it was all her idea [ and her rosehips ]

* this is so a totally technical term


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