>wherefor art thou, Fred ?

>It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly particular sounds become part of our aural landscape – the largely unheeded background of our day to day doings

I’ve only had Fred and Ethel for a few months and without me even noticing, their constant chatter has seeped into the ‘normal’ noise around here.

Guinea Fowl males call ” chichichi” and the girls call ” buckwheat buckwheat” [ a bit like a squeaky gate ] and they talk to each other constantly, seldom straying more than a foot or so away from each other as they potter happily around the goat paddock

So it seemed eerily silent – despite the normal morning noise of umpty gazillion magpies, pigeons, wrens and honeyeaters and the the background mumbling of four goats – when I went out to feed everyone and found only a bewildered Ethel, buck-wheating at a fraction of her normal volume.
Maybe I’ll be able to report Fred’s return soon but I’m not feeling spectacularly hopeful


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