>Monday Miscellany

>Still no sign of Fred … and it’s not very likely that he would leave Ethel’s side, so I’m forced to entertain the idea of FOX, and I’m afraid that idea is just not at all entertaining. At the risk of anthropomorphising what is essentially a bloody chicken, I would have to say that Ethel appears to be missing her man.
and basically because I’m feeling bummed about Fred, you’all are going to have to make do with the bunch of totally unrelated images from the past few days which would, under happier circumstances, have made up a tasty Sunday Salmagundi:
an unseasonal irridescent visitor to the garden
– the huge cherry picker which has been blocking half the main street for the last week or so

as the Post Office gets a fresh face lift – and not before time too … the accretions of pigeon poop on the top of the tower were threatening to mutate and climb down under their own power.

– Scrumptious fabrics that parted me from my cash at Honeysuckle Patchwork in Bendigo … those three on the left have DRAGONFLIES on them. I love dragonflies

and speaking of species Odonata,
as I believe we just were
– Sophie overseeing Tara’s production of an intricate sock in a gorgeous shiny greeny grey merino/tencel blend called … yes … dragonflies – but I cannot for the life of me remember whose yarn … bad blogger … bad! ]
As you can see, Soph takes her role as knitting quality control officer and patented yarn tensioning device very seriously, even if it means that poor Tara has to bend herself into some very creative positions in order to keep on knitting

So I guess that there was a connection after all, albeit pretty tenuous, between those last two photos, and maybe we could stretch the insect imagery to include the shiny bug in the first one, but I’m buggered if I can figure out a way to tie the cherry picker into that lot. Three outta four aint too bad!


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