>Friday Fotos

>only two for you today:

a close-up of the baby top I’m making at the moment … and if it looks at all familiar to some of you, that’s probably because it’s the same vintage french pattern that I knitted back at the start of the year in pink for great-niece Isabella and in a paler blue for great-nephew Isaac [ known now to all and sundry as Zac ].

and this which is one of the more successful prints made today from a lino-cut design that I carved during the week. Gotta say that I do rather like the effect of the watercolour wash underneath.

Now I say “more successful” because the printing process is a very hit and miss affair, and at the moment I can only manage about a 50% success rate.
too much ink
too little
too wet
too dry
not enough even pressure
and don’t get me started on my complete lack of decent results on fabric

and in case you’re trying to work out what the heck it’s meant to be … and I for one wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t make it out … the starting point was a pencil sketch of a raggedy pine cone on a lichen covered twig.


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