>Minus 2
Minus flipping 2 degrees
That’s what it was this morning when I [ somewhat reluctantly ] crunched out through the frost to feed the goats and to cut some firewood…
and while it turned into a beautiful clear day [ which pretty much guarantees a similar temperature tonight – especially as it’s already down to 5 degrees at 7.30pm ]
I spent most of the day – when not cutting more wood – indoors with David and assorted animals

there was spinning:
and if you’ll indulge me in a slight detour … spinning is supposed to be relaxing and zen-like, isn’t it?
Well, can you tell that to my right spinning-appendage, please ?
That hand has a mind of its own. It’s convinced that if I don’t maintain a stranglehold on the emerging yarn, there’ll be some sort of mass escape attempt… small puffs of roving will run for the hills, trailing my nascent yarn behind them. I keep telling it that a death grip isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t seem to get the message. Maybe it’ll listen to you lot.
yesterday’s output and today’s
and a little knitting:
this is going to be a pseudo- footy jumper for my grandson, and my Aussie friends will no doubt be able to guess that his daddy, just like my late husband, and my grandfather before him, is a Melbourne FC man.
My dear Daughter-in-law follows a certain black-and-white team that we shall not mention [ *cough*collywobble*cough*cough ] but we love her anyway.

improvised hybrid of several patterns because I needed something simple for the Tour de France KAL Time Trials **
BWM Luxury superwash merino 8ply [DK] in Sunrise and Junior Navy
KP Harmony 4.5mm

my evening is going to involve more fibre, the fire

and Day 2 of Torchwood series 3, Children of the Earth which is on UKTV at 8.30 all this week.

Day 1 review and spoilers here

** I’m in Team Rabobank on Ravelry, along with Bells. Yesterday in honour of the TDF Day 4 time trials, we were challenged to knit like mad for an hour and then post the results. I knew mine would be down a bit because the hand was cramped up from all the spinning but I still managed a respectable 2380 stitches – just shy of 40 a minute.


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