>Alien Life Form Found In Central Victoria

>A strange, and heretofore unknown, life form of presumably alien origin was discovered this morning in the unlikely surrounds of a dwelling near Castlemaine in the Central Victorian Highlands.
The householder, having been engaged in some spinning- related activity,

had taken a break to fetch firewood, accompanied by the family dog*

When she returned inside, after only a few minutes absence, she was astonished to see what appeared to be a blue sea anemone lying on the coffee table, and is totally at a loss to explain how it managed to materialise inside the house.

It obviously possesses some chameleonic qualities as it was observed to be mimicking the colour and appearance of one of the yarns being plied.
Although it is early days, local scientists have already postulated that the pseudo-anemone may have been attracted to the presence of the spinner’s cats or possibly her son, and it is currently being monitored for further signs of activity

In possibly related news, what should have been approximately 300 metres of finished yarn, came in at just over 220m

* Bear is glad he was outside with Mum and is therefore above suspicion of involvement


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