>which would YOU choose, hmm ?

>I want you all to cast your minds back to the start of the week and the riveting saga of the spinning of the sacred alpaca …
Got that image firmly in place?
Righto … as it turns out, the enforced break from Tour De Fleece spinning due to a particularly poorly placed rusty nail, coupled with a certain reluctance to engage with a quilt project that is in active-procrastination mode, meant that I had absolutely NO CHOICE … none at all … but to knit.
A portion of the sacred alpaca has fulfilled all of its early promise and has reincarnated as
[drum roll please, maestro ]
yes … another cowl.
Improvised feather and fan, a little simpler than the Ice Queen and without the picot cast on-and-off which I really didn’t think would show up properly with the halo of the alpaca [ my excuse and I’m sticking to it ]

… and here we get to my current quandary… namely, if you were my elegant about-to-be-30 daughter-in-law* [ whose favourite colours are black, brown and grey ] which would you prefer?
The Ice Queen in black laceweight, or the slightly simpler grey one in my handspun sacred alpaca ?

* who was quite properly brought up to appreciate the effort in handmade gifts


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