>Linda was thrilled by all your comments on her Best Of Show winner – apparently when it was announced onstage that this was her first entry in a juried show, there was an audible gasp throughout the auditorium :]
Mind you she has been producing stunning quilts for over 30 years :]

moving on with no attempt at a segue
today is “Nasty-invasive-pre-surgical-test-day” which is why I’m already up, all animals have had an unnaturally early pre dawn breakfast, and I’m on this dreaded beasty because there was surely no sleep to be had and I finished the current book at about 6.30am
I’m not going to share the details – you really, really don’t want to know – but some positive thoughts in this direction would be appreciated

… and before anyone weighs in with ‘what surgery? and why haven’t we been told ?’ … it’s major girly stuff, nothing life threatening, and happening in September. The humiliation today is to decide whether there needs to be additional surgeries carried out at the same time.
Should’ve been done months ago but the only person capable of overseeing today’s torture has been in England for 3 months.

normal life and blogging resume tomorrow


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