>A veritable treasure

>Tuesday and Thursday are my ‘best’ days for raiding the Salvation Army Op Shop because those are the days that Gaye is on the job.
Gaye has sussed out my penchant for ratting through tatty old sheet music in search of suitable pieces to cannibalise for my mixed media efforts, and now she puts likely candidates aside for me. If they are particularly ratty and incomplete … an odd page here or there … they cost me the grand sum of 20c or so.

but today was the prize!

There was a small pile of early 2oth century sheet music waiting for me
all clearly of no use to anyone else so I got the lot for 50 cents
and look what I found
an incomplete copy of what is fairly obviously an aussie children’s songbook. There’s no cover or title page but a wee bit of internet sleuthing has confirmed that what I have is
Annie and Ida Rentoul’s More Australian Songs for Young and Old [1913] with Ida’s delicate, whimsical black and white illustrations.
You’ll really want to click to enlarge these so that you can see the fine detail:
the little koala in the bottom right corner of this one
the possum outside the window in this

The more pedestrian stuff can be hacked up and recycled as art but

all that remains of this wee book is going to be preserved [ and because most of it’s already come apart into single sheets, these are so going to be framed! ]


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