>Can you say S-H-O-R-T ?


  • I think that Not-Necessarily-The-World’s-Greatest-Stylist-But-Certainly-One-Of-The-Cheapest has reached an entirely new definition of short [ and before you say anything comforting, I do like it ]
  • Yes I am aware that I have a very round head – and when that pic was taken the new ‘do’ was gelled up straight. It’s now laying flat and looks even shorter. The back is as short as the sides … maybe shorter if that’s physically possible.
  • As a consequence of the above, any lingering concerns about the possibility of bed-hair while I’m in hospital next week have been shown the door… which is why it was cut that short in the first place, and why I’ve been hanging out with a dodgy grown-out cut for at least the last 3 weeks so that it would be at optimum shortness for hospitalisation.
  • Can anyone explain why is it that the week my hair reaches its full feral ‘Goddess, I need a cut now‘ potential, older acquaintances start suddenly complementing me on how nice it looks ?
  • and with absolutely no attempt at a segue, I offer for your approval: David’s latest ceramic ‘creation’ made at his day placement with minimal interference from the instructor who knows that I’d rather have genuine ‘David’ than something that has been tidied up by someone else
  • Two-and-a-half-year-old Grandson-y goodness- “Ball, Nanny!”
  • More adorableness sandwiched between my DDIL [blonde] and his Auntie Nadie [ brunette]
  • His mummy loved her Ice Queen Cowl and also the one made from my handspun sacred alpaca. In case I had any doubts on this score, my #1 son made a very particular point of telling me just how much she loved ’em during our last phone call.
  • It’s always nice to be told that a present you’ve slaved over was truly appreciated.

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