>Maybe It’s a Boy Thing

>If you read the chronicles penned … err … typed by my dear friend-that-I’ve never-met Sheepish Annie, you’ll know that she is currently engaged in a monster battle to get out her own door due to certain abandonment issues on the part of Prometheus aka The Absurdly Ginormous Kitty.
I just want to reassure her that she is not alone and that the problem is not confined to males of species felis cattus. That here on the other side of the planet, there is an equally neurotic mum-obsessed male animal.

“You’re going to leave me again, aren’t you?”
Yes Bear – Mummy has to go out, but I’ll feed up the fire first so you’re all nice and toasty warm, okay? Oh noes. I can’t move. I’m paralysed from the knees down
…okay … don’t panic!
Can I reach the phone and call 000 ? Where’s that rescue dog when I need him ?
Ahh! Okay then
I think I may have discovered the explanation for my sudden lack of mobility …

SOMEONE thinks that he can stop me going out by pinning me to the floor with his full 7 kgs [ about 15 pounds ] of determined manliness
Incidentally the cats could have told him that this particular ploy was doomed to failure. In their considered opinions formed from much greater experience, the old rush-between-her-legs-and-beat-her-to-the-door is much more effective.


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