>Back at Emu Creek

>I have long suspected that Bear has ESP.
Today I’m absolutely positive
In the continuing countdown towards my surgery, today was earmarked for a pre-surgical visit with the hospital physio, and then a trip out to Emu Creek to deliver Bear into the waiting paws of his mother and sister who will be keeping him company while I’m away.
There is no way he could have known what was on the cards and yet …
– when I tried to get him to go outside for a loo break before his inCARceration, I was met with stubborn refusal instead of the usual mad dash into the great outdoors.
– when he was pushed bodily outside and left to get on with it, he sat on the doorstep and made sad eyes at me through the glass.
– when I was ready to go, he flipping well hid under the bed

of course once we got to Pete-and-Brenda’s, he couldn’t even wait for the car to come to a full and complete stop. The second he clapped eyes on Misty and Molly, I had to let him out or risk something diabolical happening to my upholstery. Needless to say they spent most of the next four hours chasing, being chased, rolling, jumping, passing judgement on the general lickableness of the baby goats and some secret dog business to which I was not privy.

WARNING FOR APRIL – baby goat cuteness ahead – scroll down at your own risk!
Pete attempting to bottle feedYou leave my brothers alone! [ Ms Evie warns an interloper away from Cameron and Mitchell ]
There is a Catsmum under all those cute kidsBear frantically trying to get close enough to the kids – we eventually took pity on him and let him in with them and he was so gentle, just licking faces – and other less socially acceptable portions of caprine anatomy
and finally as you can see, Mr and Mrs Swan have also had a blessed event in the last week, successfully hatching five eggs.
– the house feels strangely empty without my furry little buddy – although it has to be said that, of course, the cats think it’s a vast improvement.

– and for my ‘in real life’ friends, I’ll be in Mt Alexander from 7.30am Thursday.


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