>Okay, yes, you were right !!

>You all told me to take it easy … and … well… yes. you are all just too smart for my own good :]

Going out to collect the Bear last Monday on a wave of pharmacologically induced wellbeing wasn’t a particularly good idea and I paid for it for the rest of the week [ but I’m glad to have my little buddy home nonetheless ]
Now I’m trying to behave
not necessarily succeeding
but trying
I think it’s generally acknowledged that I don’t do bed rest very well, but I’ve had to accept the necessity for a couple of days, whilst trying to persuade assorted animals NOT to leap up onto the bed by way of my recumbent and achy self… otherwise most of my time has been spent on the couch, either prone or sitting and engaged in the same largely fruitless battle with the assorted furrbabies that want to comfort me by draping themselves about my person.

Speaking of which, I have discovered that a 6 kilo Sophie presses down harder on the sore bits than a 7 kilo Bear. Possibly because her 6 kilos is in a much more compact body.
She is also far more determined and much harder to shift [ especially since I’m not supposed to lift more than 2kgs at the moment ]
Anyway during the ‘sitting upright’ periods I’ve been engaged in an activity that I haven’t done a lot of over the recent past – namely hand sewn [ pieced ] patchwork.

Once upon a time I used to piece almost exclusively by hand – back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth and rotary cutters didn’t exist – but these days I would normally head to one of my machines as a first choice.
If, that is, I could actually sit comfortably at the machine or exert enough pressure to use a rotary cutter. Which I can’t. [ and don’t ask how I’m managing to sit at the computer because you wouldn’t like the answer ]

Anyway, it’s been quite restful and also pleasing to discover that those traditional skills haven’t atrophied completely, even if my eyesight isn’t what it used to be
[ and look, look – with all this resting, I have actual fingernails – woot ]

Of course this all looks a bit rough and untidy at the moment

but that’s because it’s not joined together… this is just some of the finished units laid out [ un-ironed ] to give you a sense of where I’m headed.
The block is 15″ finished and contains 141 pieces, so I’m rather glad that I only have to piece this one which is going to end up as the centre of a medallion quilt


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