>a t’riffic Tuesday

>Today was a perfect Spring day in the garden:
catmint in bloom
my first ever successful pot of tulips … really, really small tulips I grant you, but tulips nonetheless … and for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere who possibly find tulips unremarkable – here in Oz most of us have to put our tulip bulbs in the freezer to have any hope of them blooming. These ones didn’t get freezered [because I forgot] so I’m pretty chuffed that they’ve managed such a lovely display
some interspecies interaction between Sophie and Ms Ethel – neither of whom seemed particularly bothered by the other’s presence

Nadie enjoying a break from the onerous task of mother-minding with a Bear, a chai and a spot of Harry Dresden

the only irritants?
those rotten b****y beggars of weeds that are proliferating in my garden as I type. I can HEAR them … plotting to take over … taunting me with their newfound sense of invulnerability.
Well I’m serving notice on the nasty prolific little beasts … I shall not be incapacitated forever. Their time will come!!!


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