>long week no post

> It’s Beryl’s fault you know.
She’s been cracking the whip and keeping me incredibly busy [ in a taking it easy kind of way ] to the point where I’ve either had no time to post or just been too tired at the end of the day.
There has been lots of patchwork, some shopping which may possibly have involved a couple of quilt shops [ Village Patch, Maldon and Honeysuckle, Bendigo ] and S*******t [ souless big box craft store also in Bendigo ] several visits to The Coffee Bean – both with David and just by ourselves – much morning and/or afternoon tea / supper consumed over and above the normal intake … and no, if you don’t mind, we won’t discuss what that, coupled with a complete lack of exercise, has done to what used to be my waist.

Wednesday, which was going to be a ‘left to cope all on my own’ day, changed tone completely thanks to an early morning phone call from frequent-commenter-on-my-blog-and-complete-David-Hobson-obsessive Ms Alice and her beloved who came for a couple of hours to keep me company while Ms B was down in Melbourne:
Bear spent most of the visit barking madly at poor Richard but was forgiven.

Then friend Corrie came up on the train on Thursday to catch up with us both, so we spent a glorious day of patchwork, chat and classical music followed by dinner at Saff’s Cafe [ always good ] finishing just in time to drop the girl back to the station for her return trip … all sadly unrecorded for posterity except for one poorly framed and slightly fuzzy pic which wouldn’t really enhance your enjoyment of the blog.

Yesterday was spent sewing again and more of the same today interspersed with yet another trip into town in order to conduct a [largely fruitless] search for something Ms B needed at the Restorer’s Barn and yet another stop at the Bean.

… and backing up a bit … the OTHER thing that happened on Wednesday ? an unfamiliar car in the drive provoked Bear into a paroxysm of barking, after which it was revealed to contain Pete-formerly-next-door’s daughter Narelle [ local florist ] with :
a pressie from my lovely Purl’s Princesses who felt sorry for me that I had to miss our monthly knitting day.
MissC approves
and yes once again I have to admit to being a spoilt brat :]


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