>A close encounter of the brown and slithery kind

>Erk! Yuck!

There I was, out the front, doing a bit of [gentle] garden reorganisation – yes, well, I know I shouldn’t have been wielding a long handled shovel but when I tell you what transpired you’ll be glad that I was.
I looked up just in time to see Bear – who was maybe 15 feet away from me – jump back at the same time as three feet of [extraordinarily venomous] Brown Snake rose up on its tail in a very threatening posture.

I yelled – of course
he took buggar-all notice – of course

so I did the only thing I could think of, which was to throw the shovel javelin style as near to the snake as I could in the hope that it would startle either Bear or the snake away from each other
which thankfully is what happened.

Bear returned to me and was pounced on, whisked inside, and subjected to a minute examination of his furry little person … and a degree of slightly hysterical hugging

and he is currently trying to work out why I won’t let him outside to go to the bathroom

now the reality is that the snake would’ve been out there whether I saw it or not, and I would’ve been totally oblivious … BUT … this was way too close of a call for my small and furry buddy so you’ll have to pardon me for the melodramatics but I’m still slightly freaked


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