>Guinea Fowl Husbandry 101

>Graham, the Chook Guy, had told me that Ethel’d probably start nesting around October / November and he’s a man who knows his chickens
… apparently the demise of her beloved wouldn’t be enough to interfere with the demands of Mother Nature

I’ve noticed Ethel spending an unusual amount of time in the garden in front of my sewing room as opposed to her usual haunts in the carport, with the goats, and atop the cat-run.

Sure enough, a little gentle sleuthing uncovered her secret …

Ms Ethel’s been a busy girlie

a nest sheltered by all the lavender and tucked in under my David Austin ‘Leander’ rose – obviously a bird of taste and refinement.

So far she’s laid ten.
These eggs are infertile because of Fred’s premature demise, so I have [almost] no qualms about eating them and the other three are currently sitting in my fridge.

Apparently, so long as I leave her a few, she’ll keep laying at the rate of one a day for the next month or so


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