>here comes the rain again

>Although it can, and in summer regularly does, get very very hot up here, it’s generally a dry heat … much drier than in Melbourne … so generally I can cope with slightly hotter temps than I ever could when I lived further south

humidity is not now and never was my friend

so when we had a lot of this yesterday
[ cue Julie Andrews singing “Raindrops on roses and … “]

followed by 33 degrees today [ 91 .4 F]

you can imagine that it all got a bit sticky and unpleasant

and we still have a month to go before we even hit the start of summer


and this last one is Bear letting me know that he would take it as a personal favour if I could arrange his summer cut-down [ haircut ] asap before he melts

and the heavens have just opened again, accompanied by the man upstairs’ light show, so I’d better shut down the computer for the night


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