>All the news that’s fit to …

>It seemed like a simple enough idea really – pop Rosie and Robbyn on their chains, lead them out the front and get them to act as lawn mowers on the grass … ahem … weeds … growing along the side of the carport and the driveway.
Normally this gets done through September/October/November, gradually moving further away from the house but, strange as it may seem, wrestling with a 90 kg / 200 pound critter was not on the list of approved post-operative activities so it had to wait until I felt up to it

that’s their normal paddock behind the fence

I wasn’t about to leave my caprine Houdinis unattended … not if I wanted to still have a rose garden when all this was finished [ a collar and chain mean very little to a truly determined goat ] so I settled down with a comfy chair, cuppa, Bear and the newspaper

“Whatcha doin’ Mum?”
Reading, huh ?


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