>Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions …

>I actually thought rather long and hard about whether I was even going to show you a particular piece of this week’s knitting.
and not because it’s some hideous freakish failure for which I would be forever derided, laughed at and shunned by all right thinking individuals …
It’s just the colour
You see, it’s pink
very very pink
and very very small
and given that some of you are aware that I’m going to be a grandmother again in June, I could just see certain people jumping to all manner of conclusions

The article in question is, in point of fact, not for my grandbaby-to-be-who’s-sex-is-still-undetermined.

I just felt like trying out a variation on one of Jackie Kelly’s versatile and cute seamless baby kimonos [ link to specific pattern at the end of the post ] and here it is
ta da!

I added a garter neckband and front bands and it was fine, but I felt that I could’ve done with a smoother transition from the neck to the front bands:

so then I made another in cream [ which probably will be for the grandbaby ] and shaped the neckband a little differently and I’m happier with this iteration.

both versions were made in Sirdar Snuggly DK in the 3 month size, but the pink was on 4mm needles and the white on 4.5mm so it’s slightly bigger. I think that I actually prefer the slightly looser fabric of the larger one, but you can see that there’s not really a huge difference in size:

Either way it’s a very easy and enjoyable knit
Lots of plain stocking stitch [ or garter for that matter ] can be awfully boring to knit unless there’s clever shaping to keep you interested. This pattern has just that … very clever engineering, no seams, and the potential to play with endless variations.

You can find a free version of the 3 month size HERE
or you can download a paid version with multiple sizes from Jackie’s site.


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