>Still waiting…

>The Aircon guys are supposed to be coming at the end of this week – either Thursday or Friday. I’m keeping fingers crossed for Thursday because that means they’ll be finished and gone by the weekend.
and so the feeling of being in limbo continues

It feels so disconcerting to be this far into December and the the ‘ol homestead is still not wearing its Christmas finery.

I couldn’t completely resist the season though:

as of December 1st, we are eating from my cheap and cheery Christmas china

and drinking our coffee from some of my extensive collection of Christmas mugs [ with, of course, the puppy coasters that I bought when I couldn’t find any cat ones ]

and all the teas and coffees have made the transition into the festive tins that I’ve gleaned over the years from various garage sales and op shops

and in the category of ” what I’m loving” would be the solar powered Christmas lights that I found in a local discount store
so I can be lit up and eco friendly

and finally
a big happy birthday wish to my gorgeous future son-in-law, The Boy


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