>In which all shall be revealed …

>There were some very inventive guesses as to what the mystery knitting might be …

a Christmas dog sweater
a Christmas bauble storage receptacle

[ do these people know me or what ? ]

but I have to confess the answer is much more mundane

and the trick is to imagine the photo from yesterday upside down, because that’s the way this particular article is constructed
so that cast-on edge that was at the bottom of the photo is now at the top [ and has been folded in half and seamed ]

still no wiser ?

does this offer any clues ?

and does the colour perhaps offer any insights ?

yes folks! this is my ever so subtle way of telling you all that
#1 son and his lovely wife have just found out that The Jellybean is going to be a little brother for Master Riley
[ and you thought that The Big Reveal was only going to be about the knitting? ]

yeah, well actually, that’s about it, because there’s no scan photo to share, so I suppose the knitting specs will just have to do :]

Easy Baby Cardigan by Pure and Simple – it’s a freebie
Sirdar Snuggly Fair Isle DK from the stash – less than 2 balls
4.5mm KP Options and dpns

and there’s still no sign of the A/C guys :[


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