>an emotionally charged day

>Ask almost anyone with a birthday that falls in December, and they’ll probably have a few words to say about the general unfairness of birthdays near Christmas – overlooked, barely acknowledged, or missed entirely
[ Marc’s most famous effort was to completely forget my 30th birthday – which meant that the kids did too – and he was only reminded that evening when we went to a Christmas party and someone wished me many happy returns ! ]
In my case it gets a little more complicated because my beloved of 25 years passed away on my natal day in 1999

… which means that people are often unsure how to handle the day, and to be perfectly honest, I’m unsure how to handle the day a lot of the time. Most years I do manage to still feel as though it’s my birthday but it’s never completely without some shadows, and self-evidently, I do still feel a compelling need to mention it.

and that was yesterday

it was – for the most part – not a particularly good day this year. Usually I can count on a friend or two to meet me for a coffee, or lunch or some such but everyone was working [ and yes, Marcie, I know I should’ve rung you ]
There were no early morning phone calls
… and it was bloody HOT: 40C / 104F [ feel free to insert rude thoughts about those A/C guys here ]

What kept me going was
a] some retail therapy in the form of a floaty purple sundress
b] the prospect of a Christmas BBQ pool party for dinner – and a good sing – with the other members of the Peace Choir. I’d promised that Dave and I would be there, so that was where we went.
and somewhat predictably
It was just what was needed:
truly fabulous and eclectic house set on a heavily treed and very private bush block within 3 minutes of the town centre
great company [ Albert under the hat, Jacinta, Robyn and Marlene ]
good food
good music[ Jane and James ]

and we only managed to prise David out of the pool with the promise of chargrilled bits of cow!


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