>no they’re not here yet

>the A/C guys didn’t turn up again, even though I was assured at 9 am that it was happening today – embarrassed phone call from the poor harassed girl in the office at 1 pm to confirm what I’d already managed to work out: They weren’t coming.
What a surprise.
Ahh well, I guess , in the grand scheme of things, my undecorated-for-Christmas house is not the end of the world [ but it certainly doesn’t feel very much like Christmas ]

Yesterday, being grandson’s third berfday, David and I spent what seemed like half the day in the car, driving down to Melbourne, picking up MIL, and then out to Berwick.[ almost a three hour trip each way once you factor in picking up Grandma ]
The ‘Not-going-to much-trouble-because pregnant-DIL is-so-exhausted-so-just-grandparents-Dave-and-Nadie’ had morphed into ‘everyone we ever knew and their kids’

net result: one totally over-stimulated little man who wouldn’t come near me or his carefully thought out presents

So basically a very long day – and especially so for Bear who spent it shut in La Casa Caprine, aka the goat shed … without goats … which was infinitely preferable to him being inside for 8 hours without a loo break but not much fun

Edited to add:
late breaking news!!
Dateline: Tuesday December 22, 8.30 am – they’re here, they’re here !!!!!


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